Technology meets sustainability

The soon-to-be tallest building in Hamburg will not only stand out in the townscape. It will stand out for meeting sustainability criteria too.

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A new stream of energy

A building emits greenhouse gases throughout its life cycle. Three quarters of those emissions are caused by operation. Heating, cooling and power consumption are the main sources.

Thanks to its smart energy concept, the Elbtower will be practically carbon-neutral. Heating for the Elbtower will be supplied by wastewater heat, district heating and waste heat from production systems.

Smart energy management

Energy flows are networked to derive synergies from the generation of heating and cooling, and the residual energy is then stored.

100% green electricity

The Elbtower purchases power for all tenants from exclusively renewable sources.

District heating

The hotel and restaurants draw on district heating all year round. It comes from a nearby industrial facility that generates hot water.


The cooling tower in the crown uses natural ambient air to cool the entire building.

Heat pumps

Electric heat pumps raise pipe temperatures in winter. Chillers lower the temperature in summer.

Wastewater heat

Wastewater heat is used for air conditioning: in summer, surplus heat is extracted, in winter additional heat is provided.

Green building

Construction is a source of CO₂ emissions. At least one fifth of these are caused by manufacturing building materials.

To build the Elbtower, priority is given to components and materials with a small carbon footprint.

Reducing traffic and exhaust fumes

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Unnecessary transportation is cut back by putting up a temporary concrete factory on the building site.

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Bulk goods arrive by ship

Recycled and eco-friendly materials

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The foundation slab, four metres thick in parts, and the foundation piles are made from recycled concrete.


The materials chosen for interior finishing display particularly low emissions

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Mobility shift

The Elbtower is part of an ambitious smart mobility strategy for the eastern section of HafenCity. The project pursues sustainable structures and options for mobility.

The Elbtower is directly linked to the motorway network and the public transport network. Underground and light rail stations are right outside the door.

The Elbtower has a spacious multi-storey car park with contemporary features. It is not only for cars, but for bicycles too. It even has chargers for electric bikes and a pick-up zone for bike sharing.