The Elbtower at the “HafenCity InSights”

At the construction site

Eine Gruppe von Menschen auf dem Weg zur Baustelle des Elbtowers

There were clear blue skies in Hamburg when hundreds of visitors explored HafenCity last Sunday to take a closer look at the large construction sites.

The event on 4th September was called “HafenCity InSights” where the large companies opened the gates to their construction sites to a curious public. Throughout the entire day, visitors took tours of the area between the Elbphilharmonie and the Elbtower by foot, public transport as well as using a free shuttle service.

Baustelle von Elbtower

Thousands of flats and offices are being built

Around 7,500 flats are currently being built in HafenCity, along with offices, shops and gastronomic and cultural establishments. Leisure facilities, parks, squares and promenades with direct proximity to the water complement the project. HafenCity covers an enormous area with around 127 hectares of land being developed there.
Even though a large part of HafenCity is already developed and occupied, many cranes still continue to turn, especially in the eastern and southern parts. Visitors to the HafenCity InSights were able to see ten construction projects and their respective progress ranging from large residential buildings to office and other commercial properties. Most certainly, the Elbtower was on the agenda too. The easternmost tip of HafenCity will be featuring Hamburg’s tallest building.

Fully booked tours

“I was really surprised how many people showed an interest in the Elbtower – regardless of their age or gender,” said one of the site managers. The hourly guided tours of the construction site were quickly fully booked. Above all, the visitors were fascinated by the technical details surrounding the 245-metre-high tower. But there were also many questions about the construction site’s current status, since the excavation pit is now being prepared and structural engineering is scheduled to start at the end of the year.
Short films about the building, its architecture and the idea behind it were shown throughout the day in an information pavilion. Using toy excavators, the youngest visitors in particular could playfully help to move masses of earth and sand for the building pit. Their great efforts for helping out were rewarded with an ice cream whatever time it was.

»I was really surprised how many people showed an interest in the Elbtower – regardless of their age or gender.«

Site Manager
Eine junge Frau sitzt in einem Bagger
Mehrere Baustellenhelme und ein Schild zur "Baustelle for Kids"
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