The eco Elbtower

Green Building

Visualisierung von einer Treppe in Elbtower

The Elbtower is a real giant, also in terms of sustainability. After its completion in 2025, the 245-metre-high Elbtower will be one of the most modern buildings in the world. This is because during the planning phase, the architects and builders already took the issue of sustainability into account for the building’s entire life cycle.

To avoid as many CO2 emissions as possible during the construction phase, sustainable components and materials are being used for the Elbtower such as recycled concrete among other things. Low-pollutant materials and renewable building materials are also used for the interior fittings.

Visualisierung der belebten Eingang von Elbtower

The Elbtower is operated CO2-free. This is ensured by green electricity and waste heat from one of Hamburg’s largest wastewater systems. Another special feature is the sophisticated networking of the energy flows. Electric heat pumps raise the temperature in winter, cooling machines lower it in summer. Synergies in heat and cooling generation are used and residual energy is stored.

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Green Building

It isn’t only the modern technology that is used constructing the Elbtower that is smart, but also the technology that permeates it – since the Elbtower is designed as a smart commercial building. Intelligent sensors measure usage in the building and therefore control its operation in an energy-saving way. These digital tools mean that everyday life can be smartly regulated via apps. Lighting, air quality and temperature are constantly optimised and adapted to specific needs. Independently of this, the user can individually control the light and the room temperature, book meeting rooms and do so much more using the Elbtower app.

Clever lift technology

Thousands of people will flock to the Elbtower every day, wanting to move from one floor to another. Office workers, hotel guests, retail customers, people who just come here for a stroll, gourmets and tourists. 40 high-tech lifts take them to their destinations spread over 64 floors. The sustainable smart building concept that runs through the entire Elbtower naturally also integrates the lift technology. This is because an intelligent destination selection system controls the speed and transport capacities according to traffic volume and time of day. All lifts, the operating elements and the controls are digitally networked with each other for this purpose. Algorithms calculate in advance where people want to go to and when. As a result, the appropriate lifts are ready when many passengers want to be transported quickly, even at peak times.

Blick vom Wasser Visualisierung von Elbtowerin der Abenddämmerung
Fahrrad auf der Ufer

Smart mobility at the Elbe bridges

The Elbtower is also part of HafenCity’s smart mobility concept. The aim is to reduce noise and exhaust emissions through mobility in Hamburg. The Elbtower’s location makes it ideal for this, since underground and suburban railway stations are right on the doorstep. Thanks to 470 electric charging parking spaces in the building, car owners no longer need to look for a parking space. Cyclists turn straight from the Elbe cycle path into the building’s own bicycle garage.

Certified green

To provide credible proof of the building’s sustainability, the Elbtower has been awarded the HafenCity Platinum Ecolabel and LEED Platinum certification. These awards are only given when a building project meets high standards in construction, operation and mobility.

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