Large-scale building projects in Germany

Skyscrapers shape the cityscape

All over the world, buildings are reaching for the sky. This is because skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings have many advantages: They create residential or commercial spaces in the scarce room available in the city center. They are more energy-efficient. And they often become a symbol of an economic upswing and optimism. presents some of the most ambitious and significant construction projects in central locations from Berlin and Hamburg to Frankfurt. They will significantly shape the cityscape and urban infrastructure. 

Several skyscrapers have been built in Berlin in recent years. One major construction site currently underway is Alexanderplatz in Berlin’s city center. Four skyscrapers are already under construction or being planned for the site. To date, the largest project is the MYND, which is being built at Alexanderplatz according to the plans of architectural firm Kleihues + Kleihues. The skyscraper will be 134 meters high when it’s completed in 2026. SIGNA initiated this project, and Commerz Real purchased the building ensemble in mid-June.

A few meters further on, the Covivio company wants to build a 130-meter-high twin tower. The design for this comes from architects Sauerbruch & Hutton. In addition to the office and retail space, residential apartments are also planned for the building.

The “Alexander Capital Tower” is set to be built on a very narrow plot on the eastern side of Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. At 150 meters high, the skyscraper could become the largest building on the site – but the neighboring TV tower will still overlook it since it is more than twice that height, peaking at 368 meters.

The 130-meter-high skyscraper for US investor Hines does not yet have a building permit. It was originally intended to reach 150 meters into the sky, but it may be 20 meters short of that. The building designed by architect Frank O. Gehry will house about 500,000 square meters. The tower will contain apartments, penthouses and a hotel.

A skyscraper is under construction on the Elbe River. It’s the first in decades. Currently, Hamburg’s tallest skyscraper is the Elbphilharmonie at 110 meters. Now, at the eastern end of HafenCity, the Elbtower is being built with an elegant structure and design from David Chipperfield Architects (link). The project is part of the HafenCity development, which is transforming the historic port area into a modern urban district and strengthening Hamburg’s appeal as an international metropolis.

At 245 meters high, the Elbtower will be the tallest building in Hamburg and will leave its mark on the city center. This project by SIGNA is based on a sophisticated concept that is intelligently tailored to the needs of future users. Social spaces and event hubs create space for conferencing, networking and New Work. At the same time, the Elbtower sets new standards in gastronomy and hospitality – with an international food court, friendly coffee shops and world-class gastronomy all in one place. Nobu Hospitality is opening Germany’s first Nobu hotel and restaurant on the site – and it will also operate the rooftop bar on the panoramic observation deck on 55th floor. Various workout and edutainment offers ensure that the HafenCity building will be a top-class destination for culture and wellbeing.

Skyline in Frankfurt

Unlike the big cities of Munich or Cologne, the people of Frankfurt have little fear of heights. Frankfurt’s spectacular skyline enjoys global fame. Germany’s two tallest skyscrapers are located there, the Messeturm (257 meters) and the Commerzbank Tower (259 meters). Now the “Millennium Tower” in the Europaviertel will be the tallest skyscraper in Germany with a height of 288 meters.

The Frankfurt Four project is currently underway, with four skyscrapers being built simultaneously. The buildings, the tallest of which will be 233 meters, will add another striking note to the city’s skyline. 

Germany’s cities continue to change – and the skyscrapers prove that things really are looking up.

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