To the Lighthouse

The Elbtower and its unique water location

Das Luftbild des Lighthouses

Great Britain is an island. Sylt is an island. What about HafenCity? 13 bridges connect the district with the mainland and the neighbouring districts. Travelling to HafenCity means crossing water. And that has an impact everywhere in this district. The Elbtower is indeed becoming a lighthouse.

“The whole project is so unique because of its water location,” says Katharina Sekunde, head of office leasing at Signa. “You can see water from everywhere and from each floor, the entire building is surrounded by the river and its canals. This gives it an unbelievable charm.”

Water as a place of longing

The view from the Elbtower promises more than just sparkling big city lights. The harbour, the River Elbe, the city, the surrounding countryside – everything is right there in view. The water location also brings us closer to a natural rhythm. When you stand by the side of a large river, you can feel the vastness and the horizon. Your pulse calms down, you let go of your thoughts. On the banks of the River Elbe, we can find relaxation, peace and focus on the details that break the monotony – single sounds, a flash of light, a gust of wind.

Blick vom Wasser auf die Philharmonie in Hamburg
Das Luftbild von Elbtower

A new view is possible

In front, there is the wide current of the River Elbe, behind it the pulsating city. Hamburg from above offers a different overview of the city as well as of yourself and your own projects. When you let your gaze wander – whether you are on the 55th floor or right on the banks of the Norderelbe – you’ll find inspiration.   

On top of that, you can sense the atmosphere that shapes Hamburg. You can feel the proximity to the sea all over the city. The metallic clanking sounds on the wharfs, the ships’ sirens that set out for the world from Hamburg. It’s not far from the Elbtower to the harbour.

A space opens

There are other solid reasons, too, as to why living and working by the water is so attractive. There is the closeness to nature, an environment that makes us feel happy. The river location as well as the parks facilitate the creation of green recreational spaces in HafenCity – right in the city centre and there for everyone. The canals, the harbour basin and the flowing River Elbe create a microclimate that protects the city from overheating in summery hot weather. No surprise then that half of the city tries to escape the heat in July and August by the waterside.

Now, the direct proximity to the River Elbe will also function as a foundation for the transformation of entire city districts. With its framework “Stadteingang Elbbrücken” (the Elbbrücken city entrance), Hamburg has created a comprehensive vision for a huge area, that spans from the northern Veddel to Rothenburgsort and up to Hammerbrook. The rather rough and disconnected city space is supposed to grow together as a network of green parks, local quarters and public facilities. The riverbanks, which are not accessible in many places, are supposed to be developed so that people can enjoy the benefits.

Das Luftbild von Hamburg
Eine klimagerechte Stadt

A climate-friendly city

Hamburg will become a model for a climate-friendly city. The interplay of urban density and networked green corridors positively changes the urban climate: fresh air corridors protect against overheating in summer, flood plains against heavy rain and kilometre-long green corridors provide space for recreation and biodiversity. “Over more than 160 hectares, a truly innovative band of a total of seven urban areas is being created with urban production as the core use, but with many other qualities for work, leisure and the neighbourhood, as well as living in some noise-protected areas,” says Professor Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, the former chairman of HafenCity GmbH. “The Elbtower will become a landmark visible from afar and a driving force for this great new space of opportunity.”

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