Inspiration is our driving force

The Elbtower as a public and communicative open space

Who doesn’t know the feelgood buzz after attending an exciting event? Or after a conversation with other people who work in completely different fields? Personal development, critical feedback and above all inspiration through communication are key elements for an attractive workplace.

That is why they are more important today than ever before. Because in the competition for tomorrow’s talents and employees, table football in the shared area or the weekly mobile massage just aren’t quite enough anymore. Today, companies have to find places that offer new perspectives for their employees, create teams that play sport together so that they can get back to their daily routines inspired as well as engaging in a real exchange with others in the building.


Teams that move ideas forwards

This leads to teams that perform well and can drive good ideas forwards. “People want to work in an inspiring environment, creatively and in exchange with each other,” says Katharina Sekunde, head of office leasing. Bringing together colleagues who are often involved in very different areas of work allows them to embrace different opinions and implement new, promising ideas in the long term. “That is the Elbtower’s approach, to make something like this possible,” says Katharina Sekunde.

The Elbtower’s architecture and design alone are inspiring. The elegant curve connects the city with the water and the sky with the earth. The top of the tower offers a far-reaching view that is also reflected in day to day life there. The view that stretches many kilometres across Hamburg and the surrounding countryside, almost to the mouth of the River Elbe, certainly touches everyone – and it creates moments of reflection and tranquility too.

The base levels act as a public meeting place

The ground floors and base levels house cultural venues and facilities that work as a community meeting place for both those in the offices and others from all over Hamburg. The Elbtower’s entrance areas and basement floors are an inspiring platform for workshops, events and exhibitions. Cafés and other gastronomic outfits as well as shops are relaxing hosts after a trip to the heights. 

The fitness clubs and the basketball court allow people to come together to form free temporary teams and real competition. Shared offices and co-working spaces in various areas of the Elbtower offer enough space to develop ideas in teams and in flexible organisations.


An inspiring building

The pandemic showed us what great creative power we all have within us. Without going outside, we could use our inner inspiration for sometimes impressive creativity. However, we also know that this source needs new inspiration and exchange at some point. That is why the Elbtower is so important as a truly inspiring workplace – just imagine how great our capability could be if we can find new things to inspire us every day and as part of our daily routine too. 

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