“An incredible asset”

An Interview with Katharina Sekunde, Head of Office Leasing

The Elbtower is set to become one of the most exciting properties in northern Germany. Not only do the location and the architecture make the Elbtower particularly attractive, but the mix of users and the variety of opportunities also do too, explains Katharina Sekunde, Head of Office Leasing at SIGNA.

Looking at the positive experience remote and home working have had recently, why would you still need an office?

It’s true, the challenges facing companies and their offices are very different today than they were just a few years ago. Certainly, remote working has been shown to work well in recent years. But many companies still find the presence of their employees in one place a very important component. That’s why today it’s no longer about pure function or representation, but about motivation. Companies need to inspire their employees if they want to bring them into the office. So modern and forward-looking office buildings must offer more than good-looking offices and a prestigious lobby. It’s all about added value for employees so that they enjoy coming to the office. Many office properties don’t offer that.

What makes the Elbtower different?

The Elbtower is characterised by a diverse mix of different uses. There are extensive choices of food, spa, sports, coworking spaces, a library and podcast studios available to all tenants from which all employees can benefit.

Why is this mix of uses so crucial? After all, the Elbtower is located right next to HafenCity or Hamburg’s city centre – surely many of those facilities are within walking distance? 

The crucial thing is to have this range of opportunity right there in-house. If working in the office makes life easier for employees, that’s a real win. To have everything in one place – from yoga classes, a concierge cleaning service, a parcel service and dinner in the evening – makes everyday life easier and creates more time for things that are important. The key is convenience. For many, this is precisely the reason to go to the office. This mix of opportunities and choices is what makes the Elbtower so special; such diversity is unique in Hamburg.

»This mix of opportunities and choices is what makes the Elbtower so special; such diversity is unique in Hamburg.«

Katharina Sekunde

What role does the community idea play in this?

A community brings many different people together, which is what makes the whole building so fascinating. We have reserved more than 11,000 square metres of public space on the Elbtower’s ground floors to precisely cater for this – from an experience library, podcast studios, community and event spaces to sports and fitness facilities (both indoor and outdoor). Plus, a great choice of restaurants and places to eat and drink. This shows how strongly the community can carry the various companies along and how they mutually benefit each other. In the Elbtower community, many different people will have a chance meet, whether it’s in a restaurant or coffee shop, in the coworking space or playing together on the basketball court.

Won’t companies worry that this community could become competition for their own cohesion?

The Elbtower will allow lots of people to randomly gather. The ground floors will function like a kind of large campus. This will be an additional incredible enrichment for the employees as well as for the companies – and they will benefit from new ideas.

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