How Hamburg’s hounds can have fun splashing around

The Elbtower guide to the best dog beaches

Hamburg has many dog-friendly beaches. The Elbtower guide for dog beaches presents the eight best bathing spots.

Hamburg is Germany’s most dog-friendly city. Almost 90,000 four-legged friends are registered in the city. And 134 official facilities for dogs ensure that exercise is not neglected.

The best dog beaches in Hamburg

Dogs are very lucky to live on the Elbe. Not only is it an impressive river, it also offers idyllic and exciting beaches where dogs can romp and roam. The Elbtower guide to Hamburg’s dog beaches shows the eight most beautiful and largest places for dogs. They are usually within easy walking distance of the nearest S-Bahn (local rail) and U-Bahn (subway) station. Buses often go to the beaches too or stop nearby. Because bus schedules change frequently, the Elbtower guide to dog beaches does not include information on bus routes.

A North Sea feeling at Falkensteiner Ufer

Accessibility on foot: 40 min from Blankenese S-Bahn station 

The Falkensteiner Ufer is probably the most famous dog beach in Hamburg. The section on the Elbe River in the west of Blankenese is a true paradise for man’s best friend. Dogs can romp and play to their heart’s content here. With its beach chairs and no-leash rules, the Falkensteiner Ufer feels like a little piece of the North Sea, right in the middle of Hamburg.

Blick über den Elbstrand auf die Elbe
Ein Hund im Wasser

In sight of the Nienstedtens Villas

Accessible on foot: 10 min from Blankenese S-Bahn station.The Elbe beach in Nienstedten is a popular recreation area, the large park area on the banks of the Elbe River offers plenty of space for walking and playing. You can see the ships moving seawards, and in the background are the Airbus aircraft factories. The natural terrain offers a very relaxed atmosphere. And when it’s really hot, the water at the dog beach is just a jump away.

Dog beach in Othmarschen

Accessible on foot: 10 min from Othmarschen S-Bahn station

The dog-walking area on the Elbe beach in Othmarschen is a bit closer to the city center. This is also a wonderful place to relax and play because the sandy beach is relaxing for people and dogs alike. There are lots of exploration opportunities for our four-legged friends to enjoy here.

However, walkers with and without dogs should always keep in mind that the Elbe River is also a shipping lane. The suction and swell of the ships can be life-threatening for bathers, as well as for dogs.

Blick auf den Elbstrand bei Hamburg
Ein Hund im Wasser hinter Schilf

Central Stadtparksee

Accessible by foot: 10 min from Alte Wöhr S-Bahn station (Stadtparksee) or 15 min from Sengelmannstraße (City Nord) U-Bahn station.

There are some nice opportunities for dogs and their owners to dive into cool waters even in the middle of the city. The Stadtparksee lake allows people and dogs to swim, and the many paths and meadows invite long walks.

However, there is always something going on in the Stadtpark on hot days. Barbecues are a regular feature, and the music is often loud. If you have a nervous dog, you should focus on the quieter corners of the park – or go early in the morning or when the weather isn’t that great.



Urbanity in HafenCity

Accessible by foot: 15 min from the Elbtower, Elbbrücken or Stadtparksee S-Bahn station, or directly at the HafenCity University U-Bahn station 

HafenCity has long since become a desirable place to live – and as the number of residents increases, so does the number of dogs. However, so far there is only one specially designated exercise zone for free play in HafenCity. This can also be reached on foot from the Elbtower with a short walk. In the neighboring Lohsepark, as is usually the case in Hamburg, leashes are compulsory.

Photo: Uwe Rohwedder/Wikipedia

Blick auf die Halbinsel Entenwerder

Entenwerder: At the foot of the Elbtower

Accessibility: by foot: 10 min from Rothenburgsort or Elbbrücken S-Bahn station 

Entenwerder is a small peninsula that can also be reached by foot from the Elbtower. Once the bridge over the Norderelbe has been built, the park with its dog exercising area and access to the river can be reached even faster. The dog area is directly on the Elbe River and offers generous space for plenty of exercise. But there, too, people like to listen to music and barbecue – and the leftovers are very tempting for lots of dogs. Dogs can romp in the water at the slipway for boats located to the west.

Das Schlösschen im Jenischpark

Walks in Jenischpark

Accessible by foot: 15 min from the Klein Flottbek S-Bahn station 

This large, scenic dog walking area in Jenischpark is ideal for a walk in any weather. The park is not fenced in. If it’s really really hot, then it’s not far to the water. The Elbe beach at Hindenburgpark is just a few minutes away.


Leisure at Horner Rennbahn 

Accessible by foot: 10 min from Horner Rennbahn U-Bahn station

The Horn racecourse is Germany’s largest racecourse. The park, officially the “Horner Rennbahn Leisure Park”, is located about four kilometers as the crow flies east of the Elbtower. In addition to the racecourse and its facilities, there are extensive green areas. Here long walks through the park are possible, but dogs must be kept on a leash. There are small sandy beaches at the lake where dogs are also allowed to swim.

Photo: Sebastian Koppehel

Blick von oben auf die Rennbahn in Hamburg Horn

Respecting each other

For humans and animals to get along well, they need to consider a few things. Dogs are not allowed to swim at the standard designated bathing spots, but only at special dog bathing spots. In addition, a leash is generally required. Only on specially marked paths, trails and lawns in public green and recreational areas may dogs move freely without a leash. Dangerous animals – as defined by the law – are excluded from this. 

Those who show a little consideration for their fellow human beings will ensure a good atmosphere in their surroundings as well as help the dogs feel at home in the Hanseatic city – and make Hamburg stay Germany’s most dog-friendly city.

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