A building made to inspire

An interview with Katharina Sekunde, head of office leasing at SIGNA


Blick vom Wasser auf die Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, der Elbtower im Hintergrund

What do companies want in the Elbtower? What do interested parties expect from the property? Katharina Sekunde is head of office leasing at SIGNA and knows the answers to the important questions.

Visualisierung der Dachterrasse von Elbtower

What makes the Elbtower stand out compared to other high-quality office properties in Hamburg?

On the one hand, it is the height of the Elbtower – combined with the far-reaching view. Even on the lower floors, such as the 6th or 7th floor, there is a feeling of space that isn’t possible in other buildings in HafenCity or the city centre due to the surrounding buildings. On the other hand, the Elbtower’s diversity of use is also inspiring. The current concept goes far beyond that of a classic office building. There is currently no project in Hamburg that offers this variety of amenities for its users, which is what sets the Elbtower apart.

But aren’t there many exciting projects in Hamburg, also in the immediate vicinity of the Elbtower?

People are curious about the Elbtower. It makes Hamburg cosmopolitan and is fascinating for many people. Here’s an example: A creative company wants to bring its employees back from their home office to the company’s office. However, the management does not want to dictate this and is therefore looking for ways to inspire the employees and wants to offer them added value so that they want to come back to the office and will do so voluntarily. Our mixed-use building which ranges from food court to health and spa, indoor and outdoor sports, to coworking and even a podcast studio, is very convincing.

Der Elbtower von oben

So these are the most important reasons why potentially interested parties choose the Elbtower?

There are many elements that lead to such a decision. Rational decision-makers follow a list of criteria. Emotional decision-makers, on the other hand, get excited by the possibilities the Elbtower offers. One thing, however, is striking: all interested parties attach particular importance to ESG compliance. This is not just about pure certification such as the Leed Platinum certification or the HafenCity Platinum certification of the Elbtower, but users are also concerned with issues such as CO2 savings during the lease term, the quality and origin of the building materials or even the sources of energy required to operate the building.

»I get goosebumps every time I think about the view from the future observation deck on the 55th floor. «

Katharina Sekunde
Das Luftbild von Hamburg

To what extent can interested parties still help design and influence the layout of the space?

Our tenants’ needs and wishes are particularly important to us. Tenants can help design their own areas in all our project developments; we build them custom-made and ready to move in.

portrait von Katharina Sekunde, Head of Office Leasing bei SIGNA

What fascinates you most about the Elbtower personally?

The Elbtower is something very special to me, particularly because I grew up in Hamburg. I get goosebumps every time I think about the view from the future viewing platform on the 55th floor. I am also fascinated by the location which is right on the River Elbe and only three stations to Jungfernstieg, so it is much closer than Schanze or Winterhude.

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