Great stories begin in Hamburg

From the Elbphilharmonie to the Beatles and hip-hop – from Beiersdorf to Fielmann and the latest start-up. Hamburg is a leading centre of culture and business. This city is not just the gateway to the world, but the right place to conquer it.

Hamburg from on high

Hamburg is the metropolis of the North. Europe’s third biggest port, the world’s fifth largest maritime cargo hub, and singled out by the Financial Times Group as the leading place to do business in Europe. In Bitkom’s Smart City Index 2019 Hamburg took the top slot; its work-life balance was rated fourth best in the world that same year by the US company Kisi Inc. Hardly surprising that the tallest and perhaps the most innovative building in Northern Europe is reaching for the sky right here and right now.

“As soon as my train pulls into Hamburg – from the main station across the Alster, Jungfernstieg on the left, the Outer Alster on the right – my heart beats faster.”

What makes
These People

Hamburgers are some of the happiest people in Germany*. Hardly surprising. The biggest Hanseatic city has so much to offer:

*Glücksatlas Studie 2019 published by Deutsche Post


listed companies

71 %

green space



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river beaches


starred restaurants



HafenCity: the heartbeat of modern Hamburg

HafenCity ranks as the biggest and most successful urban design project in Europe. This is where the world’s cultural heritage blends with contemporary living and working. Young, innovative companies, famous publishing houses, the university, the Elbphilharmonie and award-winning restaurants make this district the new, vibrant heart of Hamburg.

“As a highly ambitious project, the Elbtower is driving responsible innovation and lighting a beacon for Hamburg’s future viability.”

Prof. Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg CEO HAFENCITY HAMBURG GMBH

A Symphony.
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