Menschen in der Abenddämmerung


Visualisierung des Elbtowers in der Abenddämmerung mit Blick über Hamburg

How do we want to work in the future? Can the office feel like home? What are the conditions you need for your ideas to be as good at your desk as they are in the shower? A spa? A breathtaking view over the city? And does a wide-open view make you more productive? More creative? What are your thoughts on having a local railway station right outside your office? Would that save you time? What would you do if you were given the gift of time? Sleep in longer? Go out later? See your friends more often? Watch the sun set over the horizon?
There is so much on offer. Just for you.
In the Elbtower.

Zwei Frauen lachen, sitzen unter de

For your

Time out

Work-life balance taken to a new level

Taking a break is important. It maintains your performance. The Elbtower offers many ways to make the most of a short break with a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports as well as spa facilities on site. Several beautiful parks are well within walking distance – and the leafy banks of the Elbe River and the so-called Fleet are right on your doorstep. It’s perfect for having a quick sunbathe during your lunch break and a relaxing beer after work.

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Eine Frau beim Yoga
Ein Mann liegt in der Sonne auf dem Gras
Männer spielen Basketball
Eine Mann isst ein Donat

A small break, but a good one in a busy day

Food Market

Global cuisine in one spot

Fresh, local and traceably sourced food is becoming increasingly important – especially in Hamburg where the best food from all over the world arrives here in this port. That rich diversity is reflected in the gastronomic choices on offer at the Elbtower’s food market: Hamburg classics such as fish sandwiches and ‘Labskaus’ are as readily available as vegan mezze or the perfect Phở, delivered hot to the office as a takeaway for your lunchtime stroll – or à la carte in the restaurant.

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Eine moderne, beliebte Kaffee-Bar
Eine Frau beim Essen
Zwei Personen arbeiten im Lounge-Bereich eines modernen Büros

Networking is
nice working


Imagine if LinkedIn was a building

The shared office and coworking spaces are places to connect. You can find people from all over the world working there: Developers, content creators and creatives as well as finance, business and marketing specialists.

And they all bring their skills, experience and knowledge to this spot. This makes the Elbtower the ideal place to look beyond your own horizons, to make new contacts, harness synergies, and make plans for the future.

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Ein Mann arbeitet auf einem Laptop
Zwei Frauen arbeiten in einem Lounge-Bereich
Eine Frau und ein Mann arbeiten zusammen in Co-Working place

For your
‘wow’ moment

Presentation, event, co-working

How to impress your audience

The ground levels function as an open, collaborative space where visionary ideas are born and then put on show for an audience. They are simultaneously both a workshop and a stage. People from a wide range of industries meet in the spacious, flexible co-working spaces to collaborate, brainstorm and harness synergies. The adjoining meeting and event areas offer the right setting for small, shoulder-to-shoulder presentations and big product launches alike.

Ein Auditorium mit Publikum
Ein Eventleiter ruft
Mikrofon auf einem Metallständer
grüne Pflanzenblätter

For all your personal climate goals


A skyscraper can really be green

Constructing a high-rise building uses a lot of resources – and we are aware of the responsibility that goes with that. That is why we are using building materials that have a low carbon footprint for the Elbtower and making use of recycled materials wherever possible. After building completion, we will ensure a climate-neutral operation with the consistent use of renewable energies, intelligent networking of energy flows and the storage of residual energy.

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Windmühle in den Wolken
Marienkäfer auf einer Blume
Eine Frau steht mit den geschlossenen Augen

For your
inner balance

Health & spa

Om, sweet ooooommm

A spa on your doorstep; a massage and some aromatherapy between your meetings; yoga in the lunch break – right on the banks of the Elbe River. That’s what a normal working day looks like in the Elbtower and it’s unlike any other. The location, surrounded by water and green spaces, the view over the city and a wide range of spa and well-being opportunities let you forget daily life as you take a break between tasks.

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Eine Frau auf dem
Gewächshaus voll mit grünen Pflanzen
Masseurin massiert den Rücken einer Frau
Eine Frau liegt auf dem Bett

A little more time to snooze in the morning


Your office complete with its own local railway station

You’ve only just got up and already you’re at the office. The local railway and subway trains are right on your doorstep and you can get to the Elbtower from anywhere in Hamburg in record time. And thanks to 470 parking spaces – equipped with e-charging stations – finding a parking spot is a cinch. If you would rather come by bike, you can leave the Elbe cycle path and turn directly into the Elbtower’s own bike garage. And, of course, showers are at hand for those particularly sporty cyclists among you.

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S-Bahn-Station Elbbrücken
Elektroanschluss eines Autos an einer Ladestation
Zwei Frauen spielen Basketball

For your fitness

Sports & workouts

From ‘New Work’ to ‘New Workout’

You can save yourself a trip to the gym in the future. Right outside your office door, the Elbtower will offer a modern, spacious gym plus an indoor basketball court for the team challenge. If that’s all a bit “too dry” for you, why not take to the water for a sailing or rowing trip on the Elbe River or on the Fleet?

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Ein Mann und eine Frau
Ein Mann seggelt auf einer Yacht
Silhouette eines Kindes mit seiner Mutter vor farbigem Hintergrund

For your inspiration

Arts, culture & innovation

Simply take your mind off things

At night, the Elbtower changes into a light sculpture controlled by the wind and weather, and constantly changes its structure. This masterpiece was developed by Studio Other Spaces – founded by Ólafur Elíasson and Sebastian Behmann. Concerts and other cultural events in the building’s base level complete what’s on offer.

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Visualisierung des Elbtowers bei Nacht
Ein Mann mit dem Handy auf dem Weg
Ein Frau macht ein Foto mit dem Handy

For your friends from Munich

Viewing platform

We don’t like to show off. But with a view like this…

OK, so you can’t see the Alps from here. But the view stretches all the way to the city of Lübeck and, if you stand on your tiptoes, you can see the mouth of the Elbe River. The Elbtower’s viewing platform is a great new place to visit with friends and family – but also just to end the working day with a beautiful sunset view.

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Eine Frau mit Essen und Getränk in der Abenddämmerung
Visualisierung der Hafencity
Eine Frau hört Musik in

How to get your todos done

Daily Needs

A building that makes your everyday life a little bit easier

Fresh flowers, crisp vegetables, drugstore products. In the Elbtower’s digital supermarket, most errands can be done really conveniently. The concierge service is also a great support in your daily life, like fetching clean shirts from the laundry or sorting out those big meetings.


Ein Mann hält
Mann haltet eine Packung
Vostellung von den App Goedemiddag
Zwei Männer rasieren sich

Make your date a night to remember

Nobu Hospitality

Where a special occasion becomes just that little bit more special

Until now, you had to travel halfway around the world to celebrate at Nobu. Now, this extraordinary hotel and restaurant is coming to Germany – directly to the Elbtower. Robert de Niro and Nobu Matsuhisa are behind the brand. It has an exclusive ambience and the Japanese master chef spoils his guests with a blend of classic Asian cuisine and regional European ingredients.

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Visualisierung von einem Restaurant und Bar im Elbtower
Avocadosuppe in Teller
Ein Mann und eine Frau nahe beieinander
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