Eterno Health comes to the Elbtower

Sieben Männer in Eterno-Health

The company Eterno Health has leased around 4,000 square metres on the Elbtower’s base levels. The space on the sixth floor will be available to doctors and therapists as practice and treatment rooms together with many additional services. “We take care of everything for health professionals that has nothing to do with the actual medical work – from setting up treatment rooms to welcoming patients, to software to managing the day-to-day running of the practice,” explains Maximilian Waldmann, founder of Eterno Health. The aim is for doctors and therapists to concentrate fully on treating their patients. Eterno Health will be offering all the administrative and technical tasks as a service provider.

A top-class tenant

SIGNA Real Estate has again been able to secure a top-class tenant whose services fit perfectly with the Elbtower’s innovative environment. So far, the Hamburg Commercial Bank HCOB has signed up as an anchor tenant. The insurance broker Aon Deutschland will also move into the premises at Elbbrücken. On the tower’s base levels and on the top floors, Hollywood star Robert De Niro’s Nobu Hospitality Group will open its first hotel and restaurant in Germany – and operate a bar on the spectacular publicly accessible roof terrace on the 55th floor. Finally, the International Workplace Group (IWG), the world’s leading provider of flexible workplace solutions, will be offering spaces in the tower for co-working and shared offices.

»With our approach, independent doctors remain competitive compared to practice chains and investor-driven medical care centres.«

Maximilian WaldmannFounder of Eterno Health

Eterno Health has ambitious plans 

Eterno Health is based in Berlin and has ambitious plans. In the coming years, the company wants to establish 50 so-called “Eterno Hubs” in Germany. “Our goal is to set up Eterno also in rural and in structurally weak regions,” says Waldmann. 

Up to 20 doctors of different medical fields are to work there. “With our approach, independent doctors remain competitive compared to practice chains and investor-driven medical care centres,” says Waldmann. Instead of a revenue share, the doctors pay rent for the space, facilities and services. In doing so, according to Eterno’s calculations, they save about 30 per cent compared to the usual costs.

Currently, Eterno Health has about 30 employees, including many software developers. Eterno offers its customers a full IT package; the practice management system and other tools are operated via its own cloud.    

Hamburg’s Eterno Hub to be built in the city centre 

Hubs are to be built in five cities as early as this year. In Hamburg, Eterno has leased 2,000 square metres in the city centre in the Kaufmannshaus at the Großen Bleichen – the property is also part of SIGNA’s real estate portfolio. It is due to open in September. “Germany’s most modern medical practice is being built on 2,000 square metres in the heart of Hamburg!”, Eterno posted on social media. In addition to practice and therapy spaces, there will also be a yoga and fitness room as well as a café instead of a waiting room: “We want to create an atmosphere where you don’t feel sick as soon as you walk in,” says Maximilian Waldmann.

Ex-HSV football club’s team doctor Philip Catalá-Lehnen is a consultant 

In setting up the hub, Eterno can draw on some special Hamburg expertise: the start-up’s medical advisor is Philip Catalá-Lehnen. The former HSV team doctor is now the medical director at the Lans Medicum sports medicine health centre in the Hanseatic city.

When the Elbtower is completed at the end of 2025, Eterno Health will move into its new premises at Elbbrücken – and will then have a unique address. “Eterno offers a future-proof concept to improve medical care in Germany. With such an approach, the company fits perfectly with the Elbtower,” says Timo Herzberg, CEO SIGNA Real Estate. “We are looking forward to Eterno Health!”

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