The Elbtower’s building construction begins

With the formal handover of the land at the beginning of this year, work is now also starting on the Elbtower’s shell.

“As planned, we will start construction work as early as January. Beginning with the basement levels, the building will rise continuously. As early as this summer, the tower’s shell will be clearly visible in Hamburg’s skyline,” says Timo Herzberg, CEO SIGNA Real Estate.

“I am looking forward to the new urban space that will be created in this exciting location. Several of Hamburg’s central projects are converging in HafenCity – upstream on the Elbe and Bille rivers as well as also across the River Elbe – and will give this space a whole new meaning in the future,” said Karen Pein, Senator for Urban Development and Housing.

Intensive work has been carried out on the site over the past few months with the construction of the excavation pit and the foundations. In mid-December 2022, the four-meter-thick base plate for what will be the city’s tallest building was set in concrete. The first cranes are already in place. The scaffolding has also been prepared, which will also grow in height along with the Elbtower. At peak times, up to 900 construction workers will be working on the site.

»I am looking forward to the new urban space that will be created in this exciting location. «

Karen PeinSenator for Urban Development and Housing

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