Hamburg rises above itself

The Elbtower puts the finishing touch to Hamburg’s visions for architecture and urban design. With its well-balanced mix of commercial and public use, the building can quickly integrate into the city. The Elbtower is both a statement and an understatement – a symbol of the highest ambition and the deepest conviction.

Enjoyment Dining & hospitality

From the quaint coffee shop via the international food court and on to world-class cuisine – top standards of food and hospitality for moments to savour on every level.

Restaurants, cafés, bars

The Elbtower is a place for discoveries. International cuisine, relaxed cafés, cool drinks – each setting with its own inspiring design.


Nobu Hospitality, one of the most exciting design hotels, is taking up residence in the Elbtower. The brand created by Robert De Niro and celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa will combine a hotel and restaurant with a business club – for Germany this is a first. Award-winning Japanese cuisine is enhanced by Hamburg’s unique flair.


Over lunch with colleagues or dinner with friends – these waterside views and open skies are the cherry on the cake.


Hamburg is the city that never sleeps. With international DJs and performers, the Elbtower offers a new, stylish way to turn night into day.

Fascination The Arts

Enriching the cultural landscape in Hamburg: the Elbtower will play its role in the urban arts scene by hosting international exhibitions, concerts and events.

Gallery, art & events

Visitors encounter creativity and inspiration at every step. Contemporary art is an opportunity to broaden horizons and forge new ideas together.


The Elbtower is surrounded by water. An installation made from thousands of little glass bottles brings the glittering light of the Elbe into the atrium.

Viewing platform

245 metres above sea level, these views will be the most sought-after in Hamburg.

Light sculpture

At night the whole building becomes a sculpture of light. The work of art designed by Studio Other Spaces and its founder Ólafur Elíasson changes with every shift in the wind and weather. It makes for an ever-vibrant natural display with a spectacular impact far beyond the city boundaries.

Health Keeping fit

Whether it’s morning yoga, a lunch-time work-out or a garden break between meetings: the Elbtower offers a well-attuned choice of options to foster health and well-being.

The gym

For athletes, a stimulating atmosphere awaits with panoramic views and a holistic training environment. State-of-the-art equipment and disabled access are keys to versatility in the fitness zone.

The park

A relaxed green environment to pursue business. The landscaped areas around the Elbtower frame an inspiring open-air workspace.

New perspectives

Work The office

The Elbtower’s design enhances the new work philosophy. Open structures and short pathways create room to think – the perfect atmosphere for people to develop and companies to tap into potential.

Comfortable solo offices

Alongside the spacious open-plan zone, a self-contained office is the ideal retreat for projects that need a calm focus.

Quiet corners/Meeting zones

A secluded corner for a conversation, a spacious meeting room, a big conference hall – the Elbtower has the right setting for every occasion with the right technical equipment to match.

Open work zones

Flowing, flexible, adaptable – these office spaces facilitate creative working. Complemented by comfortable lounges, stand-up desks and quiet zones for an organic weave of work and leisure.

Outdoor office

One of the most beautiful places to work in Hamburg: the Elbtower terraces are a superb setting for talks and productive breaks.