Building the City

The height of a beautiful summer – and a great program takes place in Hamburg’s HafenCity. The Construction Site Open Day on July 9, 2023, saw hundreds of people taking the opportunity to look at the Elbtower construction site along with other exciting projects.

Families, construction site enthusiasts, tourists, and just the simply curious Hamburg residents came to the eastern tip of HafenCity by foot, bike, or public transport.

More than 600 curious visitors

“Between 11 o’clock in the morning and four o’clock in the afternoon, more than 600 curious visitors came to see us at the construction site,” says Sarah Dederichs, who helped organize the day at SIGNA. The visitors queued patiently to be allowed onto the site. After a brief presentation of several short films about the construction site in the specially built cinema room, the visitors went up to an observation deck. From there, the individual floors could be viewed with binoculars. The tour then continued across the site and across a construction workers’ bridge – which is not open to the public – to the other side of the tower. The visitors were enthusiastic: “At the beginning I was a bit skeptical because this is such a big project,” said one visitor. “But now I can finally imagine what the building will look later – and it will be great.”

»At the beginning I was a bit skeptical because this is such a big project. But now I can finally imagine what the building will look later – and it will be great.«

A visitor

At this year’s Construction Site Open Day, visitors had the opportunity for the fourth time to gain exclusive insights into 10 different project developments. This time the legend was “Building the city”. SIGNA was well-prepared for the large demand to see the construction site. Elbtower caps helped against the scorching sun. An ice cream van offered refreshments that were more than welcome – temperatures were well over 30C degrees. Well-located facilities ensured that those who needed to rest could do so and refresh themselves before heading across the site.

More than 55 meters in only a few months

The construction site is becoming more and more impressive: The foundation was poured just over half a year ago. Now the tower is already 55 meters high. By the end of the year, it should be more than twice that.

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