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Highly Grounded


The tallest building in the North is rising in the heart of Hamburg, right on the Elbe. 64 storeys, 245 metres over the sea. A new view of the city, of global issues, of the companies who make their home here and of the future: the Elbtower.

A landmark for Hamburg

Soaring high and anchored deep, it stands on the banks of the Elbe. With this mix of commercial and public use, the building can quickly integrate into the city.


Architecture meets art meets Hamburg

They rank among the world’s great names. David Chipperfield Architects and Studio Other Spaces, co-founded by artist Ólafur Elíasson, have teamed up to create a new landmark with a visibility far beyond Hamburg.

An ace of space

Offices as diverse as those who use them. Customised work environments and curated public events flow together, boosting creativity, efficiency and a sense of community for people and companies.


The Elbtower is many buildings in one: a place to work, to go out, to relax, to exercise, to discover – to live life to the full.

At the heart of things

The new gateway to the city. Just a few minutes from the main station and city centre, with light rail access on the doorstep, the Elbtower is easy to reach for the people of Hamburg and their international visitors.